BankruptcyChapter 7 and Chapter 13*

Are you behind on your mortgage payments, overwhelmed with medical debt, or simply caught on a debt treadmill with no hope of breaking the cycle?  The decision to file for bankruptcy is a big step towards regaining financial security and stability for your family.  Whether or not the time is right to file for bankruptcy--and which Chapter of bankruptcy would be most appropriate to file-- depends heavily on the specific facts of your case.  If you are considering taking that step, call to set up a no-cost, initial consultation today.**

Foreclosure Defense and Loan Modification

If you have fallen behind on your home loan, and you need some breathing room to catch up those payments, a Loan Modification may be right for you.  While the pace of foreclosures has slowed, and many programs that used to be available to homeowners have been phased out or used up all their funding, there are still loss mitigation alternatives and programs that might be right for you.  Your home is your biggest investment, and you want to be sure to use all tools available to help keep you and your family under that roof.

Credit Reporting Errors and Identity Theft

Almost every credit report in America has errors, and it can be incredibly frustrating to try to correct with the Credit Reporting Agencies.  Bad Credit effects every consumer transaction you make, and can ultimately increase the costs of things that you buy on credit.  Bad credit will cause your creditors to offer higher interest rates on your purchases, can increase your car insurance, and cause an employer to think twice about hiring you.  If you have tried and failed to correct reporting errors in your credit history, or you have been turned down for a loan, or refused a loan at a lower interest rate, you may have a claim and remedy available to you under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  If your credit report contains debts that are not yours, or you are the victim of identity theft, the Fair Credit Reporting Act can assist you in putting your financial life back together.

Debt Collection Defense

Debt collection can take many forms including: foreclosure on the family home, wage garnishments to collect on defaulted student loans, and lawsuits filed by third party debt buyers.  In some cases, debt collectors may resort to unlawful harassing communications to collect these debts. Whatever the problem, Stefanie Ebbens Kingsley Law is well-versed in creative legal solutions to help overcome overwhelming debt.  


The financial entanglements of ending a marriage can seem daunting and complicated, and when there are kids involved it's hard to have the courage to take that first step towards severing the marital bond.  The emotional toll that dissolving a marriage can take increases the stress level in any legal proceeding, but Stefanie Ebbens Kingsley Law can effectively shepherd you through the legal implications of your divorce, and help to provide you the fresh start you are looking for. 

Wills/Powers of Attorney/Advanced Health Directives

Packages are available to create a comprehensive end of life plan that includes: a will for the specific division of your assets, a POA that allows a relative or friend to help you care for yourself and your finances when you are no longer able to act independently, and an Advanced Heath Directive (Living Will) which provides legally binding directives for your healthcare professionals about what sort of treatment you wish to have provided while you finish out your time on this earth.  It is never to early to start planning for the end, and Stefanie Ebbens Kingsley Law can provide legal solutions to clarify your wishes for that time.  Preparing in advance can ease the stress and lessen the emotional toll that these decisions can take on the family that you are leaving behind.



* This firm is a debt relief agency. It helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

* All of the information provided on this site is legal information, and not to be construed as legal advice.